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Re: New Thread, Please......Dream Cars for 10

So far we have:

> Dave head quoth:
> >Caterham Super Seven. A measly 100 hp.
> >(and 1125 pounds...).

Al Powell votes: 
Mercedes Gullwing.  Don't ask  me why.  Doesn't matter.
> But just for TODAY, what I really want is my 1966 Pontiac GTO
> back. 389 cid, 440 lbs/ft of torque at 2800 rpm, 4-bbl Carter
> carb  Dark (Barrier)blue, with black interior.  
Red pinstripes on both fenders, and Goodyear red stripe Polyglas tires. 
A gorgeous car!!  (Gas mileage be damned...)
OK Al, I'll see your "Goat" (had a '68 400cu) and see you a
69 Mustang, Mach I, 428CJ - 360HP (1250cfm Holley 4 barrel), 
C6 3sp slushbox, shaker hood, red on red.  On the way back from
Quantico,VA in '71 did DC to Baltimore (31 miles) in 12.5minutes
Don't ask me why I did that, suffice it to say, I was in the USMC at the
0-60 4.5secs (at least on a stop watch)
Oh, "high-test" gas was $0.169/gal then.
MJ Murphy

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