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I gotta ask...Mufflers

Not too long ago I owned one of those US cars generally referred to on
these lists as behemoths.  The car was a 1970 Pontiac T-37 with
a 250 HP 350CID and a 3 spd turbo-hydramatic transmission.  Like so many
other cars of it's vintage including the 1970 Judge I had and the 1967
SS/RS 30 Camaro I still own, the standard course of action when "upgrading"
a muffler was to throw on just about any $20 Turbo Flow Muffler (replace
once a year) Hush Thrush or similar.  What the hell do you think would
happen if you threw one of these on an Audi and had the rest of the pipes
(cat back) "Masterbended" to fit?  OK, it'd be loud and probably not sound
like it was tuned like a Steinway...but really. if you wanted less
restricted airflow and didn't mind a little retro sound...why wouldn't this
be an alternative to the multi-buck solutions?

Still Lusting for a 1965 Bonneville with a 428HO, a 4 spd boat oar on the
floor, and eight lug wheels,