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gamma-like radio

The Audi-Bose radio on my '91 200 is the later-than-delta style. Very much
like those labeled gamma, but isn't actually labeled gamma, just "Audi
Bose". I guess it's _possible_ that this radio came originally on my fairly
late-in-the-year '91, but the only manual with the car is for the  delta
radio, so probably not. Interestingly, the one gamma radio manual that I've
seen does have a 1991 printing date. On mine, the lower button on the right
end is labelled "mode", whereas the gamma radio seems to have that as the
Dolby button. I don't know what "mode" does. Nothing yet.

Anyway, I wonder if this radio has all those interesting (and evidently
undocumented) features mentioned in previous posts? I've tried a little of
the posted procedure but didn't get the predicted response. I wonder if a
gamma radio--for full features-- would need to have special wiring that
might not be present in my '91?

'89 100
'91 200Q

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