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Re: A Real Man

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 10/30/97 11:50:46 PM, AudiQtroCp wrote:
> >Well, there are people who know what you have done, and have NOT
> done.  And
> not
> >everybodys lips are sealed over it.   :-)
> Then I invite you if you REALLY know what has been done, and I doubt
> that you
> do post it up.
> Here's the problem with theis whole thing..... NONE of you know what
> has been
> done on my car.  NONE of you.
> What a group of idiots.............
> Eric

WHOA!  Hold it right there....  now the WHOLE LIST is nothing but a
bunch of idiots?   If we're such a bunch of idiots, why do you stick
around?    I've been hitting the delete key for several days now, and
judging by some of the off list email I've gotten, others are too.   Now
we're idiots huh?    Somehow I think an apology to the list is in order.

Really sick of this thread.....  (then again, we're idiots with short
attention spans)


'90 CQ20V   - slower than a UPS truck.... ask me if I f__ing care!