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very dumb questions

In message <TCPSMTP.> frankbauer@thevine.net writes:

>> Since I've become an inveterate fuel injection fiddler and have the _right_
>> tools to disconnect the fuel lines from the metering head (Stahlwille crowfo
>> sockets) I can do it in a little over half an hour.   I can get the metering
>> head off the car in about four minutes ...

> do you keep a huge bag of banjo bolt seals in the shop?

No, I keep them in the toolbox in three labelled 35mm film cans.  Audi
have recently starting imposing a 'minimum unit of issue' of 20.
They're cheap enough, though.

Be especially wary of a washer/gasket that is hard to remove from a
mating surface.  Those are the ones most likely to leak if you don't
discard and replace them with a new one.

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