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Exhaust system on 1990 Audi Turbo (200T)...


Me again. I'm sure some of you have read my bundle of postings I've
made to this list w.r.t my 1990 Audi Turbo (South African model of the
200T). I'm currently getting help about which synthetic to put in,
how to flush the engine prior to oil changing, how to rechip the
ECU and which manual gearbox to switch over to from automatic when I
finally destroy the gearbox after the rechipping. :)

The car is definitely not in a perfect state, I knew this when I
bought it. The thing I'm am going to do in the next month is put on a
new exhaust system. When I was going to buy the car the last muffler
had a hole in it, the salesguys put a new muffler on, but now 3 months
down the line it is beginning to shoot off at the welding point. This
is mainly due to the fact that the idiots put on something cheap,
did it themselves and ran my 57mm pipe into a 45mm or 50mm muffler
and tailpipe.

The piping from the exhaust manifold is 57mm diameter, this runs
through 2 free flow boxes all 57mm, and to a 57mm tailpipe. My one is
setup as 57mm through the first box, 57mm into the 2nd box and either
45mm or 50mm through and out of the 2nd box and tailpipe. The car
sounds bad on acceleration and is definitely not quiet.

Now what I really need to do is replace both boxes and piping with all
new 57mm stuff. But, in this little town I'm in, there are 3 candy-
apple red Audi Turbos just like mine, except one guy is doing the
obvious silly mods to make his "perform" (huge wheels, big exhaust,
but really not intelligent motor mods). :) This guy has fitted
a 67mm exhaust all the way through. I recently read that one does not
always get better performance by increasing the bore of the exhaust
and there is no such thing as a "more powerful exhaust". :)

I was thus wondering whether it would be wise to fit a 67mm exhaust
system to the 200T? Does one actually get power increases from more
throughput of air, even though the turbo is always obscuring the
flow path? Apart from being louder, can I expect to feel a difference
in engine response if there is this greater gas flow?


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