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re: wasted BW but funny??

J Kurt Bonk said:


----------REALLY BIG SNIP---------

Wasted bandwidth?
   The Joke or the Wasted Bandwidth?

Please remember (see Dan's Qlist webpage), that this is a forum
for primarily Audi owners, or wannabes and their related discussions.

We occasionally deviate, but please, please, don't turn this into 
a BBS or usenet by filling it up with the latest joke email.

I am unable (as many fellow listers) to subscribe to the main list,
and must do so through the digest.  Therefore I am unable to exercise
the <delete> key for unwanted or uninteresting messages.

Also please remember that alot of our fellow listers have dial-up 
modems, and must then pay for this service. Our Listers are WORLDWIDE,
and don't necessarily have unlimited $9.95/mo access to email and the web.

(Phil, have I saved your obligatory message on wasted bw?  ;-)

My, er $0.02 US

>mandatory audi content...Chris Semple of Autobahn of NH. did a great albeit 
frustrating job in replacing my CQ's valve cover gasket.  The previous 
Mechanic had evidently tightened the valve cover bolts to something
well over the 7-10 ft/lbs (prolly 70!) recommended and had for the most part 
stripped out the hex head.  Gee, I wondered why the gasket still leaked after
replacing it the first time!<

-Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro