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The Bomb

Apologies to those on the v8q list for whom this is a duplicate message:

I thought I had a problem with the bomb last summer, but it turned out
instead to be the hydraulic pump (an expensive repair far from home).

Now, my 90 V8 (142k) does have the symptoms of a bad bomb I've read
about in the
archives: the warning light has been flickering on and off for many
miles, and now the brake pedal is hard on the first pump with ignition

Is replacing this brake pressure accumulator a job most reasonably
competent mechanics (not me) could do? Does anyone have a suggestion as
the parts vendor to try first on this part? Is a used bomb a good
idea? Did Audi change the bomb since the 1990 V8? Are there incidental
parts (hoses, clamps, etc.) needed that are unique to Audi or the V8?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dave Nelson