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Re: I gotta ask...Mufflers

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>the standard course of action when "upgrading" a muffler was to throw on
just about any $20 Turbo Flow Muffler (replace once a year) Hush Thrush or
similar.  What the hell do you think would happen if you threw one of these
on an Audi and had the rest of the pipes (cat back) "Masterbended" to fit? 

That's sort of what I've done.  82 coupe with, starting at the front, 4kq
manifold and downpipe, which funnels smoothly down to about a 2-1/4" outlet.
 then I welded a piece of the s/s downpipe from a 81 5kt to get to the 5kt
cat (using stock flanges - big hammer).  Then follows a bunch of aluminised
pipe bent up at Mieneke, and the muffler off same 5kt, and an ugly little
tailpipe.  Yup, it's a bit loud, has a wierd whirring like resonance around
3k-3.2k rpm, but it does let the engine make more power.  Total cost about
$350 incl. S/S hardware, gaskets and chain hangers.