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Re: Accepting your "exceptions" - conclusion?

On 11/1 you write:

>>>>>  A lot of us here are saying NO ONE, based on the claim vs math<<<<<
"Ah, correction:  You are saying it a lot of times, which
makes it sound like a lot of people are are saying it--whatever it may be."
Ah, double correction.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you may only be reading posts from QSHIPQ or Eric or Randall.  However, it seems to me that QSHIPQ has been supported by plenty of folks.  Off the top of my head (sorry for butchering some of these names)-  Dave Lawson, AudiQtroCp, Frederic Breitwieser, Chippindippindude (?), Audidudi, and myself.
Judging from your e-mail address, I assume that either you are an attorney or work in a law firm. If so, then you probably know the difference between objective evidence(Scott & Dave's posts) vs. subjective evidence (your arse.  Oh yeah, Randall's too).  Since Eric has been unable or unwilling to answer the tough questions posed by Dave and Scott, his claims and your buttocks carry little weight.  [Insert joke here :-)] 
Matthew Pfeffer
89 200TQW