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Audi cell phone code

 -=> Quoting Phil Rose <=-

 PAJR> know if the Audi phone uses some "standard" Motorola test gizmo to get
 PAJR> at the data stored in the transceiver? Maybe the phone company guy has
 PAJR> the equipment needed, but one that I spoke to didn't seem very
 PAJR> optimistic. I suspect it may specific to each car manufacturer.

      If it's the same as the phone in my V8Q, the local
      stereo/cellular/alarm installer took the unit out
      of the trunk, did some voodoo to it in his back
      room, exited with it programmed and working fine in less
      than 10 minutes (this includes the time it took him
      to find a skeleton key to remove the unit from trunk.)
      It's a standar Motorolla Unit according to him.

      Instead of the "free" cellular they were offering, I
      had him program a second phone on the same line. It
      works great, just have to remember not to use them
      at the same time.  ;)


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