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Re: Tensioner?

>Is there or is there not a timing belt tensioner on the 4kcsq (5-cylinder)
>engine???  I am getting conflicting reports on this.  I heard that the
>waterpump is the tensioner on this engine, but various parts suppliers and the
>Audi dealer told me to replace the tensioner at the same time as the belt and
>waterpump.  I ordered and received the tensioner in question, but now I am not
>sure that I will need it.  Any ideas???

The "tensioner" is really an idler pulley and, Yes, it probably should be
replaced along with the timing belt, especially if this isn't the first time
the timing belt has been replaced.

Warning: Do NOT use the 6mm screw that goes through the center of the idler
to pull it into the recess ... you will almost certainly break it (it's not
meant to handle that much torque) and you'll then have to r&r the oil pump
(which involves dropping the oil pan, etc.) to repair it.  If you rummage
through your tool box, you will find an appropriately sized socket to fit
over the center bushing of the idler and a few taps with your hammer should
be enough to seat it.

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