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Re: New Audi USA Web Site

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Rusty A. Schlacke wrote:
> was able to confirm with my dealer that sport seats are a $500 option on
> any A4.  In fact, if you order a car that would have a black interior,
> normally leatherette only, the sport seats option will force the fabric
> to cloth (YES!).  I am thinking about a yellow A4 with black sport

Really????  I can't get the dealer here to commit to this.  which dealer 
says they can get sport seats on a '98 A4.  As far as i kno, sport seats 
aren't part of any "atmosphere"

They are what i REALLY want!!

Anyone else?  confirm/refute?

Bryan Bowen
Elon College, NC
International Business Major/Spanish Minor

'86 CGT Comm. Ed. (Gone, but not forgotten!)
'93 Explorer 4x4 (close but no Q!)
Looking for an '88-89 90q
and thinking about an A4tqm