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Re: Private misses objective

In a message dated 97-11-02 04:12:44 EST, you write:

<< So he did.  I read all 8.6KB of it at the time.
 [snip 9 pages to come to some speculation]
 C'mon, guys.  Take it private. >>
Careful here Phil.  This is good math and physics here, and obiously NEW
concepts to a lot of folks here.  And by the looks of the responses,
something that should be in the archives, and should be discussed.  This is
really basic stuff here.  Everyone on this list should have exposure to it
for reference material.  I'll try to tune down the slams (that has to be 2
way tho, only do it when provoked), but then again, when I do that much
homework for the whole list for no charge, and with a LOT of time invested, I
would hope some leeway would be extended to my cynicism.  Certainly since I
get little thanks OR reward for doing so.


Scott Justusson