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RFI: Radio/Cassette in 87 5KTQW


I have an '87 5KTQW and the on/off/volume control on the radio is finally
quirky. If I push on it it works fine once on but it's difficult to
negotiate turns that way ;-). Also, the cassette only works well in one

Anyway, I was wondering:

1. How do you remove this puppy?

2. Does anyone have an extra that works well I could buy or trade for (I
have an extra series resistor and radiator temp sensor)?

I really like the sound of the system - best I've ever had - and obviously
it fits right in the space allotted. Anyway, if anyone had any thoughts or
suggestion, please let me know.

Oh, one more thing while I'm here - not related to radios. Is it ok to ad
Pentosin ps fluid to the existing Audi brand or do you have to drain the
original out first?

Thanks again, everyone!