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A curmudgeonly request.

In response to private email ...

I in no way would wish to inhibit technical debate in this forum.  Indeed, far 
from it - I have learnt more about Audi I5 engine management right here than 
anyone else around me would be in a position to teach.

I've grumbled about one or two posts - some that contained a great deal of 
apparently unformatted repost, and some that were in perhaps immoderate 

Please don't stop on my account - there's no way I'm important enough.

But I'm not going to read any posts that contain apparently frivolous reposts 
or 'robust' put-downs of other list members.  Anyone who's been outside and 
bolted something onto a car has advanced the state of our knowledge - the more 
we hear about (and debate) their successes and failures, the more we will be 
able to imitate the former and avoid the latter.

I was with someone today who has a MAJOR wallet hole that would have been 
avoided if they had only read some of the wisdom here.  It's a chastening 
experience to listen to someone relate a story and, while they're talking, to 
think: "You're a complete fool".  Then to realise, without the list, I would 
have thought _EXACTLY_ the same - and did, a year ago.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club