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Subject: Audi cell phone code (voice activated motorolla)

you said:

<<My '91 200 has the factory cell phone. Thanks to Alan Breitman I  have a

copy of the manual and I am ready to have the phone activated. I know the

3-digit lock code, but the previous owner hasn't come up with the

more-important 6-digit security code. According to Bentley, the code may be

obtained by the dealer after plugging in a small test adapter; the code

will come up on the phone display after a few keystrokes (see below).>>
I also don't have the 6 digit code; however, my cellular service co. looked
at the serial number on the box in the trunk, went up front to the handset,
punched in several dozen digits, and it was programmed.  No big deal, still
don't know the long security code...  I wouldn't bother with paying audi for
it until you need it (if ever...)

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q