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How Do I Become A Car Dealer?

	This message has little VW/Audi Content, unless you view it generally. I
live half of the time in South Central PA, close to the Manheim Auto
Auction. Though to most this name may not mean much, this is the biggest
auto auction in the US and dealers from across the nation attend. The trick
is that it is for dealers only. In other words, to buy a car there, you
need to be with a dealer and he/she actually needs to do the purchase. 
	TONS of cars go across their block a week, and certain weeks are dedicated
to certain makes. One week may be Ford, another GM, a third European cars
etc. It is divided by credit companies mostly (GMAC etc.). 
	I am greatly interested in having access to this auction for my own use
and possibly for making extra money. What I need to do is get my dealer
license from my state (in my case PA). Can anyone help me figure out how to
go about doing so and what this costs? Webpages, phone numbers, addresses
etc. are most appreciated. I am posting this to the list because I figure
with all the car nuts, some might know the answers, and some more might
also be interested in becoming dealers themselves.