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Re: Nice Bump... More stupid human tricks.

One '87 VW Jetta w/ bad clutch (worn out in 15k miles by idiot driver)
one 12" Snap On awl on a 3' high table
greasy hands
bad luck

1.  After much swearing, remove transmission.  
2.  Slide transmission across the floor to get out of the way.
3.  Position right hand so that the bouncing 12" awl you just knocked off
table with your shoulder goes through the back of your greasy hand and sticks
out 1.5" through your palm aiding by the momentum of the transmission.
4. Drop transmission, (explitive).
5. Remove awl while considering what just happened and more expletives.
6. Think, "I shouldn't be able to see through my hand!" and marvel at lack of
7.  Clean wound.
8.  Finish clutch job.

Steve "No that's not a stomata" Eiche