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RE: How Do I Become A Car Dealer?

My friends father does exactly that.  He takes orders for cars and goes
to Manheim & purchases the cars.  He charges cost +6%.  The way it works
is that at the auction he will call you if there is a car you asked for,
describe it to you and ask you if you want it or not.  His partner is a
mechanic and takes care of any problems.  He is successful at this and
always has a nice car or two in his driveway (MB 600 SEL, Porsche

Alan Breitman
91 200q Hoppen Chip

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> Subject:	Re: How Do I Become A Car Dealer?
> George,
>    Interestingly enough, though I can't help you out with the process,
> a
> resident of my town was recently given, after much trouble and
> petition signing,
> a special dealership license. This particular license does not allow
> him to
> display vehicles on his property in town, but it does give him the
> ability to go
> to these dealer only auctions. His business idea? Take detailed
> requests from
> customers, fly to a "southern" auction, pick and choose automobiles
> that are
> requested, and then transport them north, and it's supposed to work
> out to be
> much cheaper than going through a local dealership. Personally, I
> don't think it
> will fly since who in their right mind would buy a car, sight unseen,
> from
> somewhere far, far away? But I think it's very interesting that this
> gentleman
> now has dealership plates on his car, and can attend any dealership
> auction, yet
> he cannot display a single vehicle for sale on his property.
> Hey, if it's cheap enough, I would think that we could all get these
> licenses
> and save our friends some money (as long as it remains a friendly
> transaction
> with no responsibility on our parts).
> Sean Ford
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> From: George Achorn <coolidge@tidalwave.net>
> [snipped]
> >is that it is for dealers only. In other words, to buy a car there,
> you
> >need to be with a dealer and he/she actually needs to do the
> purchase.
> > TONS of cars go across their block a week, and certain weeks are
> dedicated
> >to certain makes. One week may be Ford, another GM, a third European
> cars
> >etc. It is divided by credit companies mostly (GMAC etc.).
> > I am greatly interested in having access to this auction for my own
> use
> >and possibly for making extra money. What I need to do is get my
> dealer
> >license from my state (in my case PA). Can anyone help me figure out
> how to
> >go about doing so and what this costs?
> [snipped again]