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Re: no, really, my 200q windows work now

 # Anyone BTDT, does the door harness unplug from the rest of the chassis 
 # > harness (like at those five plugs at the aux relay panel maybe?), how much 
 # > would it cost, how much do you have to take apart to replace it? How many more 
 # > questions can I come up with?
 # It did on the 86 5k, but you have to take the door apart to get it out.
 # I once spliced about 18 wires in one of these harnesses.  I recommend
 # a soldering gun and heat shrink tubing.

Yup, I WTDT on my infamous '87 5kQ.  I can tell you for a fact that the 
door harness is well integrated with the front loom ... even to the ECU!  
I didn't have the patience to do a nice soldered splice of the wires in 
the door channel ... as a quick fix I simply crimp butt spliced them all 
together and wrapped "the anneurism" (R) with polyethylene spiral wrap.  
I then secured a chunk of loom that went ~5 inches into the area behind 
the kick panel and was going to do a more proper splice there.  Never 
got a chance to follow through on that one ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)