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Re: nice bump...(kinda gross, no Audi content)

Alex Kowalski wrote:

> Snip off errant strands of muscle tissue as close as possible to the
> wound Tuck the rest back inside, apply antibacterial ointment and bandage.

Jeez, man!  :-o  Snip off errant strands of muscle tissue?!  <gag>

Let me recall a little thing I did, (before this thread get snipped for
it's non-Audi content):

Once, I pulled my fiberglass shell off a Toyota truck I had, using the 
"one-man turtle" method, which involves putting the shell on your back, 
and walking it off the bed.  After getting the shell off the truck, one 
kneels down to the ground, and crawls out from underneath.

I had my thumbs in the jamb of the open back window for support, as it
a very bulky thing to have on your back and walk around.

As I was preparing to set the shell down, the window completely closes
thumbs with a slam and a "crrrunch!!".

My thumbs are totally stuck in the _closed_ window jamb, and I'm
with the shell on my back unable to open the window, so I balance on one 
leg, right outta "The Karate Kid", and kick the window open, releasing
used to be my thumbs, and set the shell down and crawl out.

Needless to say, one of my thumbnails came almost completely off,
leaving a 
little "hinge" of connected flesh on the side of my nail bed.  First
time I 
ever lost a nail.  Feels funny when you touch your nail bed <yucky

Here's some Audi content:  I've been driving my Coupe last night and
and boy am I pleased with it!  It's been so long!  I had some sort of an 
electrical "malfunction", and I'm waiting for it to repeat, but it
seem like it's gonna do it.  I really like my car!  It's so much better
that damn motor mount replace, and the motor/tranny aligned.  Now I need 

You know, my idle like to creep up, seems like I've adjusted it down 2
already, and it's back to it's old hectic, fast idle (over 1200 rpm at

There's a guy who's asking $200 for a 4k motor in Norwalk (CA), so if
interested, I got the info.  I was thinking about getting it, but I'm
wait for a nice post '85 turbo setup to come along.


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