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Re: Graf water pump

 # > I just installed a WP/timing belt/idler pulley [and lifters] in the 
 # > '88 5kCSQW early this morning.
 # How did you pull/refit the idler?  Special tools?
... actually I sorta lucked out.  I had never pulled an idler before, 
and I looked at the diagram in Bentley showing the special tool.   I 
assumed that a standard puller could be used to force against the cen-
ter of the pulley (no I didn't look at the new idler I had sitting on 
the shelf!).  What ended up happening was the gear puller was pulling 
upward against the front body rail as I tightened it ... I left the 
puller engaged while I did other things, and then when I went back the 
pulley was loose enough to wiggle out!  

I guess I need to look into the special tool a bit closer to see how 
it is supposed to work!

To install the new pulley I pressed it into the indentation in the oil 
pump by hand, and then used the mounting bolt to snug it in.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)