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DC Wrap up - LONG

Hello all-

Sorry for the delay in a wrap up, I took Sunday off to relax from Halloween
parties and that 130 mph blast on the DC Beltway that George spoke of.

First, I want to give many thanks to everyone who attended.  No matter what
else we did, it wouldn't have mattered without the participants.  We had:
Attending cars:  21 Audis + 1 from VWSport + 1 Porsche
     - Approx 50% were A4's - most in Europa Blue, couple silvers
       couple Pearls, 1 yellow, 1 green ...
     - Approx 30 people attending (incl "significant others" & assorted
     - Approx 6 pizzas eaten(?)!
Thanks to Mark Quinn for those stats as well as printing up name tags for
everyone, virtually lining everyone up for the photos, and printing out an
attendance list.  Thanks also to George Achorn for putting us in touch with
VW Sport (more on them soon).  They really made it a great time.  It was
great meeting you George, hope to see you again.  Thanks to Josh  Pinkert
for taking over the organization while I was on business.

Now, the day.  It was rainy, but we all made it to the Pentagon North
Parking lot between noon and one pm.  Lots of Munchkin eating and Audi
talking.  People were checking out the Yellow A4Adam 1.8t, Bart's V8, a few
lowered, sport packaged A4s, Chris Hlubb's nice wheels, Igor's 200tq, Jim's
100...all the cars!

We took photos and headed to VW sport, led by Adrian's 1.8t hoppen-ized car
with 17 inch BBS rims and tires (not sure on the size).  A blast in the rain
to VW Sport was what we all needed, with a caravan of Audis looking really
great.  We hit the last turn to VW Sport in two lanes making a left turn -
must be what the BTCC field looks like on parade!

We then spent almost 3 hours at VW Sport.  Adrian taking people for blasts
on the beltway, people watching videos, looking at pictures, reading the
literature from the Frankfurt show ("Anyone speak German?" was heard a lot!)
and checking out the parts.  Rumor has it a few ABT body kits were purchased
or inquired about that day!  Pizza rounded it out, as some people headed out
to dinner in a group and others left on their own.

The ride in Adrian's car was all that George said it was and more.  130+ on
the beltway, in COMPLETE control.  80 mph sweeping exit ramp, hard lane
changes, back onto the beltway and the boost .... did I mention the A/C was
on?  Suffice it to say, with just the chip and the wheel/tire package, the
car was great!

I want to take the time to thank Adrian and Brad and everyone at VW Sport
for having us.  I think everyone had a REALLY great time, and you guys
definitely provide an answer to the DC areas need...a good Audi tuner, for
ALL models.  You guys were first class all the way, and I thank you for
having us.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  I am getting the photos back tomorrow,
and sending them to Mark for scanning.  I'll then get some doubles of the
big group picture, etc., and can send them out to people who are interested.
Sorry for the people who could not attend, but there will assuredly be
something in the near future.  Feel free to e-mail me; I'll be in touch with
everyone who was interested/attended.