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SUV thread (sorry) was Re: Audi S4 or $4

> In a lot of places in the UK its now 20mph(30kph) in urban areas, enforced by
> BIG speed tables that are not really designed to damage your car (much).
> Jim Haseltine
> 88 Ur quattro

What's with the stupid SUV drivers (and pickup truck drivers for that
matter)  that slow down to an absolute crawl to go over little 3 or 4
inch high speed bumps? I used to take the same bumps at a reasonable
parking lot speed in a lowered Rabbit. All of my Audi's have no problems
with these bumps at all of course. <MAC
'91 200 tq (never bottomed out on a speed bump)
'86 4kq (never bottomed out...)
'84 4k  (never... you get it.)