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Re: EGT, not relevent here - LONG

>>> <QSHIPQ@aol.com> 11/03/97 07:29PM >>>
In a message dated 97-11-02 16:22:15 EST, you write:

>>>>>Changing the argument to EGT, to me is irrelevent to the numbers and
conclusions drawn Bruce.  It has relevence, not all as you presented however.<<<<<<

I have not changed any argument because I have not been arguing, at all.  I have asked several questions about egt's and have been told the same is irrelevant to you.  

>>>>So, I for one, take offense from the get go at the
pompousness of the claimants post to Scott Mockry, so excuse my ego inserts
along the way.  Really a slap in the face to all of us that were nerding on
the idea off list, to make all of us go faster.  Testosterone?  Please, that
has no valid math in it.<<<<   
Sorry, I don't have any idea what you are talking about here.  My reference to testosterone was in regards to the bigger picture of how when Eric says something your 12 posts will follow, and vice versa, only in a more limited amount of BW.  You want credit for the 2.5PT?  I give you all the credit.  

>>>>>There are no posts objecting to the math, mine or Dave's.  So, no muddying of
the waters there.  Change the numbers, hey we're both game, give 'em up,
happy to plug and play.  Right now, with ALL the posts,  we can draw one of 3
conclusions:  1) same flow can be had at a lower PR and higher DR, 2) the
mods are not correct, or 3) the claim is not correct.  I can mathmatically
PROVE 1) based on 2.79PR, so that leaves 2 or 3.  Eric, Randall, Bruce, YOU
TELL ME.  I just did 1 above.  So far, all the ass calibration and "what
if's" and I "ass calibrated the RS2" don't change 1, 2 or 3.  Sorry to each
of you, and to the list for wasting bandwidth trying to get the
understanding.  EGT?<<<<<

I have said, repeatedly now, that when the mods are put on my car I will post up everything.  How can such a simple sentence be so difficult to understand?  You needn't apologize to me, I'm a big boy.  But, if you think how a car "feels" is irrelevant, and a subject appropriate for the sarcasm you have given it, fine, ask  your clients and see.  I guarantee if you put one of those $2,000 "modded" turbo's, et al.,  on a car and it does not "feel" faster, all the math in the world will not save you from having that turbo lodged in your ass.  Your working definition of "ass calibration" will then have a whole new meaning, me thinks.  

>>>>> Discussing EGT, is really pretty advanced for this discussion, irrelevent, and frankly Bruce, I don't
think you have a firm grasp on it's implications to a turbocharged motor.<<<<<

EGTs are relevant whenever a modification is made to any motor seeking an increase in power.  That is elementary.  If you ignore these numbers, especially when you do something that may increase the effective compression ratio of an intern. combus. engine, then it will be through luck, not knowledge, that you spare the motor.  I will be happy to debate egt's until the cows come home.  I will not, however, continue the discussion here.