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Re: First A6 Sighting - Brief Critique

In a message dated 97-11-03 13:25:30 EST, Pete_Kraus@Emory.Org writes:

<< Still, I can't help wondering why Audi doesn't follow BMW's example of
 releasing enthusiast-oriented models at the same time as its more
 sedate offerings. >>

That's _not_ what BMW does.  Check the delayed M3 launch; several years after
the 3-Series. And the world is still waiting for a new M5, going on three
years after the 5-Series launch.

Check their launch history and you'll see that BMW usually launches the bread
and butter (high volume) models followed over a period of a couple of years
by coupes, cabriolets, M-Cars, wagons and others, as the case may be.