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Confounding, compounding '86 5kcsTQ problem

Well, I also have a warm start problem that I haven't figured out (but is getting worse) and now the Audi Gods are trying me again.  The car doesn't want 
to run.  It idles rough, bucks, bogs, backfires,...	

My first instinct was to check the hoses, and while I did find some very small leaks, I think there is another cause.  The reason I think this is that on 
my way home from work tonight (the problem started when I turned the key to go to work tonight), after 20 miles of nursing the thing along the interstate 
in fourth to keep moving, something went click.  Not an audible click, but in an instant everything was normal, the last 5 miles were great.  This 
happened once before and because the problem fixed itself I couldn't even begin to troubleshoot it.  I fear that I'll get out there in the morning and 
the car will run great again, leaving me to wonder when "the problem" will strike again. 	

Anybody have any ideas?