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Fuel filter location

In message <FOAMHBLLKPNMAAAA@mailexcite.com> " Nick Ramone " writes:

> Yea and make sure you dont do what I just did
> 1. Break the copper fuel intake line going into the fuel filter (it turned 
>    with the fuel line bolt head and broke in half)

There's a hex formed on the fuel line to take counteracting torque.  I've found 
the best tool for doing this is _NOT_ a purpose-made flare nut wrench, but a 
good quality adjustable with thick jaws.  

> 2. overtighten the fuel line in to the new filter Aluminum Strips like crazy 
> I am back to square one with a wasted striped out $25.00 fuel filter and a 
> busted fuel line

The ur-quattro microfiche gives the torque for the fuel filter connections as
10Nm - about 7.4 lb ft.  The connections to the external fuel pump are 20Nm.

The key to avoiding leaks is to use new washers.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club