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Troubleshooting Multimeter Choices


I'd like to purchase a Mulitmeter for troubleshooting purposes.

I used to own a Fluke 75 DMM.  (My wife accidently cleaned it up,
er disposed of it), so now I'm looking for a replacement.

The concensus in the archives was the Sunpro 7678? But it does
not appear to have the ability to measure AC voltage or current.

(Ok, I know apples vs. oranges. The Fluke can't measure dwell or

Can anyone recommend a compromise (Sunpro 7680?) and a supplier?
The local Parts USA (A division of Pep Boys) had the 7678 for
$99.95, and the 7680 for $129.95


-Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro