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Radio in 200

Don asked about replacing the Bose radio in his 1991 200 with an 
aftermarket radio, and is trying to get Crutchfield's asapter to work 
with his Bose speaker/amp combination, and has alternator whine.

Don, I went through this a year ago...spent many hours playing with 
the Crutchfield unit, and at least three hours on the phone with 
their tech support.

I LIKE Crutchfield, OK?  I think they're great.  I buy stuff from 
them.  With that in mind, my advice:

RETURN the adapter for a refund.  I had two, and they have never 
gotten this unit to work correctly.  Never.  They know this, too.  
The level of background hiss was unacceptably high with each unit. 

Disconnect the Bose amps, front and rear.

Replace the Bose speakers with better speakers; the stock ones suck 
and Bose compensates for it with equalization built into the amps at 
each speaker.  Bose does this on purpose.

Connect your aftermarket radio and let it drive the speakers, or use 
outboard amps which are compatible with your speakers.  The Bose 
speakers are about 2 ohms each and DO NOT work with any standard 
amplifiers.  Bose does this on purpose.

Sound severe?  It is.  Bose designs this system so there is NO WAY to 
make it sound good except replacing the whole thing.  I'm doing that, 
and adding dash speakers.

The option: put the Bose radio back in and live with it.

I'm an Audi fan, and a Crutchfield fan.  My opinion of Bose is an 
exercise for the reader.............

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