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Dump valve on 5kTQ

I finally installed the dump valve on the 5kTQ this weekend.  Ended up
using the Avi Meron method (valve mounted in end cap of intercooler)
rather than Dave Head's Samco hose version.  FWIW, here's a warning if
you're thinking about doing this project: the Samco hose that TAP sells is,
IMHO, a total fraud.  Dave Head apparently got his to work, somehow,
but I ended up wasting $135 on a hose that I don't think could ever have
been made to fit (after TAP assured me it was the right hose--and that I
should cut carefully because they wouldn't accept any returns.)  The
reason why is obvious and twofold.  Where the hose attaches to the
intake manifold is not circular, but the Samco hose is circular, and the
Samco hose is so stiff that it can't be made to bend enough to mount on
the intercooler.  If it would help anyone, I'd be happy to send a picture of
how I cut it in an (unsuccessful) effort to make it fit.  The Audi accordian
hose deals with the flex and non-circular problems separately and
elegantly; The Samco looks like it's a generic part that only theoretically
fits the car.

The dump valve works well (oriented as the 91 200Q manual
recommends, rather than as QSHIPQ recommends, since I'm not running
"massive boost").  If you want copies of the relevant posts,  part nos.,
etc., email me privately.


  87 5kTQ 1.8 bar