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Fuel filter location

In message <TCPSMTP.> frankbauer@thevine.net writes:

> >C'mon guys - they're 30p (48c?) each.  How much does an engine bay fire cost
> not that i'm one to skimp on such things, but in my case it will often
> also cost two 40 mile round trips to the audi dealer since he won't
> always have the parts in stock.

Audis use only three different sizes of copper washer/gasket.  I keep
at least six of each size, which is perhaps not enough because each
banto/banjo needs two.

It's a great wind-up when new owners turn up and Roger Galvin and I
undertake fuel injection surgery in pub car parks.  It's a double-act -
I pull the control pressure line off the head, peer critically at the
copper washers one by one, and then toss them over my shoulder into the
darkness.  The 'punter' looks at Roger, somewhat concerned, and Roger
just says: "Copper washers.  Can't put the system back together without

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