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Re: HT Leads...

> What is the suggested aftermarket HT replacement leads on this list?
> What should I be looking out for when looking around for aftermarket
> HT leads for a 200T (MC engine)? What about these silly "short and
> loud bang" systems that carry a capacitor on the HT lead and shorten
> the spark time and also increase the power of the spark? Well,
> not increase the power of the spark, the thing just goes off faster.

Stock is fine.  I would stay away from the shorter or faster spark,
especially under boost.  You actually want the spark to last as long
as possible otherwise my reading indicates that if the gasses
swirling around manage to extinguish the flame kernel generated by the
spark, you are toast with a very short spark... misfire.  A longer
spark has time to reignite the mixture.

It has been rumored around here that the only time an aftermarket
set of HT leads is better is when there is something _wrong_
with the existing set...