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Re: AllData

> Paul Anderson sez:

> > My experience with Alldata is that the repair procedures for Audi
> > are essentially copied from Bentley.  The one nice thing is that you
> > get all the TSBs if I remember correctly.  If you have the right
> > printer, you can print the diagrams (which are just right out of
> > Bentley.)  If you have Bentley, not much need for Alldata.

No need for Alldata.  Alldata is a waste of money if you have the
Bentley... has more errors than the Bentley and is just plain
wrong for fuel injection for the 5kCSQ.

> I agree with Paul that the Alldata is probably redundant if you have 
> the Bentley.  However, with the Alldata CD I bought, TSB's were not 
> included - that was an extra cost option (you buy a software code to 
> unlock that portion of the CD) and I think this is common to all the 
> Alldata CD's.

I think you can get just the TSBs and have the repair data if you
buy the key.

> As for being able to print - I couldn't do it at home on an HP 
> Deskjet 500, or at work with a networked HP Laserjet printer with 
> lotsa memory.  Maybe I'll try it again one of these days.

I could print out TSBs from my copy on an HP laserjet IIP.