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G60 dual piston urq conversion

I've just had my second track event after I converted the front brakes on my
'82 urq to the dual piston, G60 calipers from an '87 5ktq.  Now I can speak
from experience!  To wit:

If you haven't done this converion on your turbo quattro coupe, DO IT NOW!

Some of the initial peddle feel is gone due to the added volume of brake
fluid that flows to the calipers, but otherwise the conversion is all
positive!  I have no G-tech numbers, and ass-calibration issues have been
questioned as of late, but an A/B comparison with a non-converted urq at the
track verifies my experience.  This conversion stops the urq fast!

My total conversion cost was: ~$220.  Broken down: $65 for the 4 DOT braided
steel brake lines, $10 for the caliper rebuild kit, $130 for the calipers
and carriers, $12 for the Lucas DOT 5 rated, non-silicon brake fluid (on
close-out; usually about double that).  Plus some beer for Scott M.!

Two other addition rants:

1)Metallic brake pads on a track like Portland International or Bremerton
will last only one track day if that.  Before both events my metal masters
and then Remas (sp?) pads were NEW (installed one day before the event and
broken in properly).  During the last session of each they were totally
gone!  Removing showed sever checking and seperation of friction material
from backing plate.

2) I have a set of G60 calipers and carriers available for sale if anyone
wants them.  I'll include a caliper seal kit and the front brake lines from
a '87 tq (16.5" long).  The seal kit is not needed as the calipers are not
leaking, but I would recommend doing the rebuild since you have them off the
car anyway (Thanks Scott Mockery for you sage advice and mechanical skill).
And you will want to use the 5ktq brake lines only until you get a braided
steel set from GPR in California ($45 for a set of 4).  BTW, I used 15" long
lines on my urq.  You could get by with 14.5" but when I installed these,
they were fully taunt on full wheel lock and full suspension travel.

I also love that I can now stock only one type of brake pad, as now my urq,
5ktqw, and V8 all use the same brake pads!

Have fun and happy stopping!

Disclaimer:  Brake work requires some mechanical skill.  The author has no
responsiblity for injury, loss of life, the weather, or stock market
performace as a result of this post.


John Karasaki

J & L Enterprises
"Our Future is Built by Hard Work"