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cell phone "problem" solved

Thanks to all who responded about my effort to extract the security code
from the cell phone in my '91 200. The unanimous consensus was that a cell
phone  installer should have no problem doing what was needed (however the
phone guy I had spoken to previously seemed a little daunted by the fact
that there might be an unknown security code). Anyway, I have discovered,
as was suggested, that the code indeed is still the initial
(factory-default) value "000000"; so sure enough, it had never been changed
by the previous owner. Also, my Audi garage says they have a (master?) key
to unlock the transceiver, so phone activation should be no problem. If
they will allow me to copy the key, I'll post about making additional dupes
for those Qlisters who need one.

'89 100
'91 200q