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5ktqw test drive questions

I think I know the answers here, but let's see what you think.

1) with engine running, pump the pedal 4-5 times, the light and
buzzer come on.  Bomb?

2) Clutch is extremely heavy, picks up about 1/2 way.  Could need
a flush/bleed but most likely mc/slave or new clutch, right?
(88k, original owner)

3) Under heavy acceleration (ie floor it, shift quickly) I can
get 1st to almost redline, 2-4 though cut out between 3-4k
as if I was hitting the rev limiter.  This one I'm not sure about.

4) While rolling at 2mph, if I lightly touch the brakes, they chatter,
almost as if ABS was kicking in.  I did not check to see if ABS was
working, though the ABS off switch works and the light goes off
when diff locks are engaged.

5) I had noticed that the dash lights were very dim.  Adjusting
the rheostat helped a bit, but when I got back, I noticed the
battery light on.  Verified 10.75 volts with engine running.
Belt seems OK, so it needs an alternator.

6) Trip computer does not seem to work.  The switch with the
arrows has no effect on the display.  Also, pushing the defroster
button does not bring up a defroster light on the dash - is there

Other misc. items - suspension is soft.  Both diff locks work but
are slow to disengage (need lubing I assume).


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