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Strange Radio Problems

The radio in my '90 v8q (an Audi Bose unit) started acting very strange.
It lost all its presets (both AM & FM1 & 2) and lost fm reception. I can
manually tune to find some stations that are normally very strong but are now
coming in with a weak signal (lots of backgroound noise & no stereo). When I
tune to those stations, the display frequency does not match the station's
frequency. The radio displays 106.1 for a station that broadcasts at 90.1.
I haven't done any work on the car and all other electrical components are
working fine. The battery is OK. The only other thing that I can think of is
the fact that when I discovered the problem it was raining very hard. Perhaps
something got wet & screwed up the electronics in the radio or the FM signal

Any thoughts?


Bernie Dubin
'90 v8q
'91 MPV
'93 miata