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Re: 5ktqw test drive questions

Dan Simoes wrote:
> I think I know the answers here, but let's see what you think.
> 1) with engine running, pump the pedal 4-5 times, the light and
> buzzer come on.  Bomb?


> 2) Clutch is extremely heavy, picks up about 1/2 way.  Could need
> a flush/bleed but most likely mc/slave or new clutch, right?
> (88k, original owner)

88k is nothing for the Audi clutch, unless the owner does not have a clue how 
to drive a stick. My old '85 5000s just turned 235k in my friends hands and it 
is still on the original clutch. The 200 uses a robust Sachs-Boge clutch, so 
it's pretty forgiving. Mine also picks up pretty high. I don't like it but 
it's not adjustable. Replace the MC, slave and pressure hose first, betcha 
it'll cure it. Mine glides after that replacement (after two broken clutch 
pedals, I must admit. It was a sticking/clicking MC, that caused it).

> 3) Under heavy acceleration (ie floor it, shift quickly) I can
> get 1st to almost redline, 2-4 though cut out between 3-4k
> as if I was hitting the rev limiter.  This one I'm not sure about.

A faulty knock sensor? Does not retard the timing so the brain cuts the fuel 
off? Pull the codes when it happens next time. At what boost does it happen?

> 5) I had noticed that the dash lights were very dim.  Adjusting
> the rheostat helped a bit, but when I got back, I noticed the
> battery light on.  Verified 10.75 volts with engine running.
> Belt seems OK, so it needs an alternator.

Might be just the brushes. Take the regulator out and check the length. Oh, 
before that check the presence of the +12v exitation on the terminal 61 of the 
alternator (a blue 18AWG wire). It's jack (LF longitudinal member) likes to 
oxidise. No excitation -- no charge.

> 6) Trip computer does not seem to work.  The switch with the
> arrows has no effect on the display.

Disassemble the lever/switch and clean up. Use DeOxit (Craig).

> Also, pushing the defroster
> button does not bring up a defroster light on the dash - is there
> one?

No, it's in the switch itself.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order...again. For the third time and counting.
Philadelphia, PA