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Re: DC Wrap up - LONG

Well Jon, since my letter was to the "public forum" so is my response to
you.  I was ASKED to relate to the list about what happened, and I did so.
I neither endorsed what happened by encouraging others to do so nor
"bragged" about driving that fast; I wasn't even the driver and only spoke
about the performance of the CAR.  In addition, since you have designated
yourself the "watchdog" of the list, I look forward to seeing you admonish
EACH AND EVERY PERSON who does something that is "inappropriate" in your
holy, clean living eyes.  I have no problem with what I said at all; it
seems to be ONLY YOU, Mr. Policeman.  Next time, stop being the juvenile and
address the list like an adult, in an adult manner, instead of resorting to
insults and curses.
I've grown up because I am content with what I did for both the group
(organizing the event and reporting on the event) and myself (participating
in the event), not with the speed of the car.
I have seen people get hit at 5 mph, and 105 mph.  Does this mean stay off
the road in any circumstance?  I have no problem with you saying it was
wrong to drive like that in public.  You are right.  However, both your
method of addressing me and your superior attitude are foolish.  YOU have a
much deeper, hidden problem, it seems, that has nothing to do with me.
Cheers yourself, buddy.
Jon Linkov
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From: Jon Cole <jscole@mindspring.com>
To: Jonathan Linkov <valiumnj@email.msn.com>
Date: Tuesday, November 04, 1997 6:23 PM
Subject: Re: DC Wrap up - LONG

>First, I'm not your buddy.  My comments stand;  what you did was juvenile,
>stupid and arrogant...  a lot of people have more skill than me: so what?
>equally clear is that many more have more sense than you.  I grew up when I
>realized that it isn't worth wiping out someone else for my fun; that's why
>I drive 120-160 on the track under controlled conditions, so I don't have
>to worry about uncontrollable situations or people who don't know what
>they're doing.  You posted your little juvenile brag on the list (public
>forum), so you got a response in kind.  If you don't like it, too bad:
>choose your forum and your words more carefully next time.  Cheers.
>At 05:49 PM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>I'll keep this off the list buddy.  I meant the car didn't float.  So
>>you go flaming me in a public forum, telling ME to grow up, why don;t you
>>grow up too.  I don't care if you are Mario Andretti.  Plenty of people
>>more skill than you too. and have logged more hours on the road.  YOU grow
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>>From: Jon Cole <jscole@mindspring.com>
>>To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>>Date: Tuesday, November 04, 1997 5:34 PM
>>Subject: Re: DC Wrap up - LONG
>>>well, excuse me; I have well over 1,000 miles of on track driving in my
>>>Porsche 911 and love going fast, but anyone who does 130 on the Beltway
>>>a fu#$king moron; take that kind of action to the track, where it
>>>instead of contributing to the absurd mayhem on the roads around here.
>>>"Complete control" my as*, until you hit a pothole, piece of muffler,
>>>etc.     Grow up.
>>>>"Jonathan Linkov" <valiumnj@email.msn.com>wrote
>>>>Subject: DC Wrap up - LONG
>>>>Sorry for the delay in a wrap up, I took Sunday off to relax from
>>>>parties and that 130 mph blast on the DC Beltway that George spoke of.
>>>>The ride in Adrian's car was all that George said it was and more.  130+
>>>>the beltway, in COMPLETE control.  80 mph sweeping exit ramp, hard lane
>>>>changes, back onto the beltway and the boost .... did I mention the A/C
>>>>on?  Suffice it to say, with just the chip and the wheel/tire package,
>>>>car was great!