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Re: Duty Cycle Meters?

> > > There has been some interest in a duty cycle meter, so I'm going to
> > > be designing one around a PIC and a couple of 7 segment displays.
> > > Who would be interested given a cost of $20 to $30?
> > 
> > Here!  Over here!  Hello?  Over here!  Yoo-Hoo!
> > 
> > The instructions issued to the frequency valve are the Ultimate Final
> > Arbiter of what the ECU is trying to achieve.  Dicking around with WOT
> > switch continuity (static and intermittent) and a whole raft of problems
> > like the ECU's perception of battery voltage would be easier and more
> > purposeful if one knew there was a point in looking.
> > 
> > --
> >  Phil Payne
> >  Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club
> 	A duty cycle meter is the same as a dwell meter except with a different
> scale.4 cyl dwell is 90' and duty cycle is 100% ie 45'=50%.

Quite true, but it's rather inconvenient to have one's dwell meter
hooked up all the time and besides it's big and builky and
isn't illuminated...