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Fuel filter

I tried to send this message before when you inquired, but I guess it did not
get through. I have never changed my fuel filter. It is located on the left
side of the engine, behind the airbox (looks like a large can). There is no
real recommendation by Audi that I know of of when to change the filter. I
considered doing it myself at the end of the summer, but a few listers said
it was a PITA to do yourself. The fuel system has to be depressurized and
drained, and I also heard that it is hard to get the fittings tight enough
onto the new filter so it doesn't leak. The actual filter is not very
expensive. I found one at Pep Boys for about $20. I'll look for the post of
how to do it, and foward it to you if I can find it.

'92 100S (67k)