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Re: Oil leak on turbo oil line, how much possible damage?

> Actually steel braided oil hoses would be a good thing to have.
> I'm surprised that this hose is made of rubber. On my 87 5K all oil
> lines are steel braided. Anyone can confirm/deny if Audi changed them to
> rubber ones on older models? Anyway, oil hoses is something that should
> be kept in flawless condition. I know of at least two engines that were
> damaged in effect of blown oil hose and I personally experienced blown
> oil cooler hose - thanks God engine and turbo survived it. I changed
> both oil cooler hoses to ones manufactured by Parker Hannifinn They look
> rubber, but have very though steel cord inside. I would recommend
> checking all oil lines periodically and replacing or repairing (eg.
> fitting new hose with new crips to the existing fittings) them
> immediately if any leaks are found or the crimps look corroded.

I'm an idiot anyway, you know this, so I don't know much about what to
look out for or where to look. :) I'm getting there slowly though, I've
only had an Audi in my hands for 3 months now and have learnt a lot
to fix things on it. Now I'm on to watching lines into and out of the
turbo. I'll need to find a South African supplier of steel braided
Who manufacturers the best braided lines? Are they online?

> Where is it coming from?

Hard to tell. It can heard if I stick my head under the front right of
car (ie. turbo side of RHD vehicle), but this is the intermittent
in the works sound. The whistle I hear while driving, but this I'll only
hear on my side of the car (driver's side & turbo side). It isn't a
pitch whistle, it sometimes drops a bit and then jumps up again. Goes
from slowing down. It can't be body-whistle as the panels haven't been
smashes/adjusted (??) since I got the car and it has only been happening
the last month. Also, there was a real loud ruined bearing sound coming
the same side of the car, eventually had the alternator recon'd which
eliminated that noise, but then the whistle popped up. I do know that
entire side of the car is oil coated now, including the alternator,
is now in the same oil coated state it was when I took it in to be
Another thing about the whistle is that about a month ago it was
load, but only after cold start in the mornings, but we're talking a
"everybody turn and stare at whistle Boeing" type of sound. That doesn't
happen anymore and the whistle has moved on to higher speed travelling.
have asked the guy who has the car today to try and find it, but I don't
think he'll narrow it down. At least he'll probably give me a area from
it is coming and then I'll let you know.

> If it's a "buzzing" sound coming from the fuel distributor area it's the
> frequency valve and it's normal.

No, it is not the buzzing sound. As I said, it seems to be coming from
area around the turbo, but can pin-point if it is the turbo or something
else. The buzz I'm used to, actually makes for interesting conversation
when talking to someone with the hood open and the engine running, they
even take a step back when the fan comes on as well (esp. with the motor
off :), damned Toyota Corolla drivers!!! :))

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