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AllData CDs

Regarding AllData CDs, it was previously written:

>>However, with the Alldata CD I bought, TSB's were not included.

AllData has been running a Special for a while now.

This is from their web page at www.alldata.com:
"$24.95 for the most up-to date Automotive Information!
Free Recalls and TSBs if you order now! (A $19.95 value!)"

I ordered the AllData CD for my 1990 Audi 200 and received the TSBs 
for free about 6 months ago.  I also have the Bentley's (paid about $160
from Carlsen about a year ago).

The AllData CDs seem like a bargain at $25.  The interface is a bit
kludgy, and the AllData CD lacks a search feature - but having all
the TSBs is great.  Reading through the TSBs, it seems like I've had
just about every problem listed.

One of the obscure problems I had involved the speaker cover grill on
passenger door cracked.  There is a TSB for this stating that the grill
covers were prone to crack and were brittle.  They were updated with 
stiffer grill covers.  

disclaimer: not affiliated with AllData.