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RE: steering oscillation 90-120 Kph

I agree with Aleksander's diagnosing procedure.  Another thing it 
might be is the tire itself.  It could have a high lateral force or 
lateral first harmonic non-uniformity.  Try to target which tire is 
suspect and replace it.  The speed range that the distrubance 
happens would lead me to believe that it's a lateral harmonic 
problem if this has been happening since the tires were new.

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> Solomon wrote:
> 	>I still have the steering oscillation between 90 to 120 Kph.
> It makes
> 	>no difference whether it's going straight or turning,
> acceleration or
> 	>slowing down.
> 	>I have checked the tires so many tires. I believe they are as
> balance as
> 	>they can be.
> Are the rims straight too? When diagnosing problems of this nature I
> found replacing one wheel with a compact spare and going to the test
> drive (the compact spare is so narrow it gives almost no noise and is
> usually in good condition). Don't make sharp turns at 120kph with the
> compact wheel installed, though
> 	>I also have a mysterious "clunk" from the back.  My local
> mechanic has
> 	>checked out the shocks;  he thinks they are OK.
> What about rear diff mounts?
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