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Re: Oilblowing on 100

Hairy green toads from Mars made John Russell say:

> have noticed that on my 1990 100 fwd 10v, that when I use the Fram
> double gard oil filters, oil blows out around the oil pressure sensor.
> However, going to the more expensive (10 bucks and up) filters, I dont'
> have this problem...  somethign is amiss but I don't know what (aside
> from losing oil). Facts: very slow leaking, pressure gauge reads lower
> than normal, oil done every 3k miles or less (mileage).
> Any ideas/suggestions?
> Being on a communting college student Nursing budget, $12 filters add
> up real fast....

Fram's are missing the drainback valve, perhaps they are missing the
bypass valve, too (or is that in the car's oil system?).

Anyway, if you shop around, you can get the Mann/Mahle filters for
$4 or less. Blaufergnugen sells them mailorder. My local parts place
gets $4.50 for them.


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