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Re: Annoying Problem with '87 5KCSTQ

At 10:15 AM 11/5/97 -0500, you wrote:

>	When making a right hand turn, I get a rythmic throbbing vibration
>through the steering wheel, 

Hard right? Soft right? Full lock?

Try removing the brake shield on that side. Replace the
 Then try jacking up the car and inspecting the inner control arm bushing. 
Then inspect/replace the inner/outer tie rod ends. Has the rack ever been
Next I would replace the strut bearing and upper strut bushing.
Then punt...

Glad to know yer coming down. Where you plan on staying? Unfortunately we're
not sure at this point if the new house will be done in our lifetime, much
less 5 weeks...

 When I work the out route my stops are: Holiday Inn Main Gate, Travel
Lodge, Orange Lake Resort, Vistana Resort, Hyatt Grand Cypress, Holiday Inn
Sunspree, Pirate's Cove, Race Rock, and Gateway Inn.

My normal inside route is Pleasure Island, Port Orleans, Dixie Landings,
Beach Club, Boardwalk, ESPN Club, and Caribbean Beach (although I also have
access to Contemporary, All Star Sport and Music, Wilderness Lodge,
Polynesian, Coronado, etc, etc...).

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