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re: radio in 200

Ralph Poplawsky <ralphp@cellport.com> wrote:
>I've installed my own systems before, for a lot more than $200.  IMHO, the
>Bose system is far superior to any of those.  It is also far superior to the
>factory system in my wife's ovloV 850T or any other car I have owned.
>Furthermore, I am somewhat of an audio nut and musician and have some pretty
>high-end stuff at home as a reference.  Finally, my hearing is still very
>good.  So, I can't understand why I am pretty pleased with the Bose system
>in my '91 200TQ.  Anybody else out there confused??  

Okay, I'm confused. I'm an audio guy too, have lived in the shadow of the
Mountain (Bose Corp hq), and sold their home audio stuff (along with the
adcom and Nak gear and the Kef and ads speakers I *enjoyed* selling :) ).

Personally, I think the Bose system in my '90 200T is crappo. The only way
I can listen to it at all is to turn the bass all the way down, and the
treble all the way up.

I would *not* replace the head unit first, I would pull out the speakers
and amps and put in a good set of ads or Boston Acoustic component speakers
and a couple of ads amps. Put a 1 before your $200...this alone will run
$1200 or more, depending on whether you do the work.

I did exactly this on my last car. Since the Audi is my wife's daily
driver, and she's happy with an am table radio...

BTW, It's the speakers and their custom amps that give the unique Bose
sound, not the head unit. The head unit is just a co-collaborator.

I didn't listen carefully to the system before I bought the car...wouldn't
have done anything different if I had. The system, though, IMCO, is pure

But everyone's ears are different, so what sounds like kaka to me may sound
acceptable to someone else...

Just my .02