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Annoying Problem with '87 5KCSTQ -Reply

Extremely amateur diagnosis to follow.
Is it reasonable for the LEFT side components to be more responsible
for such throbbing during a RH turn?
The CV is +rpm on the left, -rpm on the right during a RH
turn...correct?  I would think more *pressure* (for lack of a more
sophisticated answer) would be applied to the inverse side of the
vehicle during turns.
Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro
Hit curb with left of car, light throbbing straight at hwy, seems
increased when RH turning.  Hmmmmm? Bearing pinched?

>>> Luevano, Paul <prl@ptc.com> - 11/5/97 7:15 AM >>>
I have been having an anoying problem with my '87 5KCSTQ ...?When
making a right hand turn, I get a rythmic throbbing vibration through
the steering wheel
?To recap, new front right driveshavt (with new CV's), new front
right wheel bearing, tires/wheels have been rotated, new re-built
center driveshaft, but the problem remains!